Easy Bisquick Frosted Cinnamon Rolls


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To frost or not to frost….

Do you prefer your cinnamon rolls with or without frosting? I know this is an issue without a gray area. Most people are pretty secure in their frosting preferences.

In my opinion, this cinnamon roll recipe doesn’t really require the use of frosting. My husband, however, prefers frosting on top of his cinnamon rolls.

It is so easy to add frosting. I bought a container of cream cheese frosting (shhh…don’t tell anyone I bought prepackaged frosting).

Yes, I could have made frosting from scratch. However, the whole idea behind these cinnamon rolls is-quick and easy.

Apply the cream cheese frosting directly to the top of a hot cinnamon roll so that it has a melted consistency. That’s it!

I hope your family loves this cinnamon roll recipe.

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